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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a cannabis grower farm (THC), established in 2021. Our vision is a product for the medical industry. furthermore, we sell the clones and flowers from good quality mother plants. Which we already tested and grew in tropical conditions.


Our Story

All of the plants are inside of the greenhouses. There are a total of 7 greenhouses. The average capacity of cannabis per greenhouse is 2,000-3,000 plants. We water plants with drip watering and we remove the humidity with exhaust fans

Our mother plants are cared and protected inside the greenhouse with strict control of entry and exit in order to prevent diseases and insects Most of the seeds on the farm are imported from America and Europe, which our farm has tested to grow and confirmed that grow well in the Thailand climate that also give a good flower.

We keep the clones and we improve the quality and distribute the best clones to the customers. In the farm, we have a special control room. Including taking care of controlling humidity, coolness, weather, and light, which is essential for plant growth and high quality of the clones as customer required

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